We have been publishing Hindu Oli for 19 long years. The Hindu Oli which had been a Quarterly publication is now published once in two months. On some special occasions, we carry special issues of Hindu Oli.

We may note with satisfaction that our special issue to mark ThavathiruYogarSwamy’s 50 th year of Guru Poojai won the   acclaim of many. We wish to thank AnmeegasudarThondunathanSwamigal, who regularly pens the spiritual letter to the magazine, for promoting the publication in foreign countries. We have also brought out special issues of Hindu Oli to mark temple Kumbabishekams, annual festivals etc. For example we brought out special issues for ThirukatheeswaraTher Festival, NaloorKandaswamyKovil Annual festival etc.

We published Hindu Oli special volumes in 2015 to mark the ACHC Jubilee year. The history of ACHC that appeared in these two volumes is noteworthy.

We have published the speeches made by SathiyaVithkar Justice Wigneswaran on Hinduism in Tamil and English. The title of the book was ‘ Thoughts on Hinduism’.  These two books earned a special place in hindu literature.

We published “  A Hand book for Hindus’ in Tamil in 2001. A reprint was made in 2006. We had to reprint several times following demand by Hindu public. The then Secretary made a suggestion that it could be part of the curriculum of the Vivekananda Society Exam and it was spontaneously implemented by the the General Secretary of Vivekananda Society, SivagananaChelvar K. Rajapuvaneswaran.  There has been a great demand for this book in Sri Lanka and several persons here and abroad have reprinted this book to commemorate the memory of their dear ones.