Events with the participation of Executive committee members

1. Ragupathi Sarma at the ACHC Shrine soon after his  release from the Prisons on His Excellency President’s Pardon is seen with ACHC Executive committee members Vice President Mr. D. Manoharan,        Deputy President        Mr. S. Dhanabalaa,  President Mr. M. Thavayogarajah, General Secretary Mr V. Kandasamy,   and Priest Dharshika Aiyer
2. Deputy President Mr. S. Dhanabalaa  at the Thiruketheeswaram Kumbhabhishekam with His Holiness Nallai Atheenam and Tharma Atheena Swamy
3. Indian Delegate Mr. Ram Madhaev was met by Executive committee members General Secretary Mr V. Kandasamy,President Mr. M. Thavayogarajah, Treasurer Ms. A Kailayapillai and Vice President Mr.      T. Muthukumarasamy.
4. At Jaffna, Vice President Dr. Aruthirumurugan is seen distributing Free exercise books printed by ACHC.

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